Refurbished Outlet

Refurbished Outlet

The majority of our refurbs have been returned virtually unused and often just taken out of their box! All refurbs are fully restored to their factory settings and refurbished by our expert engineers before getting our approval to go on site. All the vital accessories are provided and we provide you with a 3 month warranty to make sure they’re running like new. Want more than 3 months? We’ll happily extend the warranty on our refurbs. With an average saving of 30% compared to new, these deals aren’t to be missed!

Why Buy Refurbished?

  • Big Savings

    Big Savings

    Undoubtedly the best thing about buying a refurb is the money you’ll save. With savings of up to 70% to be had you can get a fantastic fully restored product at a fraction of the price when new.

  • All Essentials

    All Essentials

    All of our refurbished products come with the basic essentials you'll need to get up and running such as chargers.

  • Fully Restored

    Fully Restored

    All of our refurbished products are fully restored to factory settings meaning they will operate as new and untouched when turned on so you can choose your own settings.

  • Expert Checked

    Expert Checked

    We take great pride in the rigorous tests and checks that go into all of our refurbished models. Our trained technicians test every possible element to ensure your device functions exactly as it should.

  • 3 Months Warranty

    3 Months Warranty

    We want you to have absolute peace of mind when buying a refurb and that’s why we offer a 3 month warranty with every one of our refurbished products.

  • Extended Warranty

    Extended Warranty

    We provide 3 months warranty with all of our refurbished products as standard but if you want to extend this further we’re happy to help. You’ll find extended warranty options on all product pages.



We give all refurbished products a status depending on many factors including condition and appearance so you know exactly what you’re getting. Here’s what the different statuses mean.


  • Fully tested, restored and refurbished
  • Often open with the same functional quality as brand new
  • Often opened and returned with zero use
  • Original packaging not 100% guaranteed
  • All vital accessories included i.e power lead
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  • Products are in good condition
  • Minor cosmetic markings
  • All vital accessories included i.e power lead
  • Fully tested, restored and refurbished
  • May not include original packaging
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  • Fully tested, restored and refurbished
  • Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR)
  • Up to 1 year warranty (upgrades available)
  • Minor cosmetic markings
  • All vital accessories included i.e power lead
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